Nudity, kissing & more: BALLA-BALLA laws in BELLA ITALIA

Nudity, kissing & more: BALLA-BALLA laws in BELLA ITALIA

Weird, curious or totally gaga: Welcome to our special ranking of crass laws from Italy. Whether it's kissing, sandcastles or hunting season - there are some pretty balla-balla rules in Bella Italia.

  • Women first! In Catholic Palermo in Sicily, only women are allowed to be completely naked on the beach. It's forbidden for men. P.S. Unsurprisingly, the ladies usually waive their special right.
  • So much for digger fever: in the small town of Eraclea (Veneto) it is forbidden to dig holes in the sand - sand castles are taboo anyway.

  • No groping! In Eboli (Campania), kissing too intimately in the car is punishable by a 500 euro fine.
  • If you live in the countryside in Italy, the fence around your garden should be at least 1.80 metres high. If it is lower, hunters are allowed to stalk in your garden at any time during the hunting season (usually from October to December).


  • No noise allowed! On the tourist island of Capri, clattering while walking is forbidden. If you are caught with a wooden knocker, you have to pay 50 euros. That doesn't leave much for a 10 euro espresso.
  • 3000 euros for sand theft and towel ban! A day at the beach in Stintino on Sicily can be really expensive. Due to crowds, only 1500 people per day are allowed on the extremely white and fine-grained beach, from June to September. A bast mat must be placed between the towel and the sand so that not too much sand is lost. Sand theft is punished with fines of up to 3000 euros.

Still legendary, but no longer in use: the refrigerator tax. You had to pay an annual tax of 15 euros per fridge. With a good 50 million refrigerators in the country, this was a good source of income...

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written by Annie Kayser

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